4 Responses to Testimonials

  1. -Stacy T. – Nurse (last name withheld for privacy)

    I met Mr. Flores as a professional nurse and then he became my lawyer. Mr. Flores is one of the most prepared and professional lawyers that I have ever encountered. We went to trial and his skills in picking a jury and in his opening statement, as well as cross-examining witnesses, including police officers, was amazing. Mr. Flores has the courage to respectfully stand up to the court and fight for his client as well as think quickly on his feet. At the end of the trial, even the jurors were complimenting him on his performance. I would definitely recommend Mr. Flores for any state or federal case that you may have because he is a phenomenal trial lawyer.

  2. -Carlos Lopez – CEO of Lopez Broadcasting

    I met Joe Flores over 20 years ago. In my experience with Joe Flores, he has represented my radio and television stations. Mr. Flores is one of the most hardworking attorneys I have ever met. Whether it is at 2 in the morning or at 8 o’clock in the evening, he is always ready to answer his phone and return his phone calls. He prides himself on returning phone calls within 24 hours and I have never seen him fail in doing that in his representation of me and my family-owned businesses throughout Texas. Mr. Flores is not only an eloquent speaker, but he is also extremely prepared when it comes to working on a case. I have had over two dozen cases with him as my defense counsel and also as my advocate for my family in serious accidents. In both types of cases, Mr. Flores investigates, records all of the facts, and takes notes at a rapid speed, while working with his staff to achieve the best result possible. Not only does he treat his staff with respect, but he also treats every client he has with dignity and respect as well. In one instance, Mr. Flores summed up his philosophy in the following manner: “I treat all of my legal clients just like they were my patients when I was an RN. I don’t look at color or background or whether they have done some things that they regret in the past. I look at the person and evaluate them as an individual, and do my very best to ethically represent them, just as I did as a nurse and as a nurse practitioner. Advocating for patients and clients is very similar and you do your very best to protect them and to make sure that you advocate for them to receive justice and fair treatment.” I strongly recommend that the reader of this recommendation call Mr. Flores and get a consultation. Whether you pay for it or not, it is well worth it.”

  3. -BCRN (name withheld for privacy and to protect nursing reputation)

    Mr. Flores is an excellent attorney. Throughout the times that I have had to hire him, I have found him to be extremely knowledgeable about medical data, as well as the law. Mr. Flores advocates for nurses and doctors and other health care professionals at the Texas capital in Austin with a strong mind and a strong heart. I believe that his advocacy had my case dismissed as a registered nurse. I was punished for speaking out about nurse-patient ratios and was reported to the Texas Board of Nursing, and fired thereafter, to reduce my credibility. Mr. Flores never gave up on me and brought up these issues to the Board and persuaded them to dismiss the case. If you want an attorney who practices not only civil, criminal, and administrative law, you don’t have to look any further than Mr. Flores, who has over 30 years of experience in both fields.

  4. -Cindy A. (last name withheld for privacy)

    I was scared and terrified in a federal detention center. I was told that I would not qualify for a bond and that I would be held indefinitely. I heard of a man in South Texas who was both a nurse and a lawyer. With the collect call that I had, I reached out to my father in Mexico and asked him to please find out who this man Joe Flores was. I was 8 ½ months pregnant. After seven hours, Mr. Flores came to me near midnight. I had heard from the prison guards in that detention center that it was freezing that night. He came in, in his overcoat, and through a very small space in the window, he reached over and shook my hand with his first finger and middle finger, and we managed to maintain contact. He did not talk about money and he did not ask how much I was willing to pay as his lawyer. His only question was, “How are you feeling? You look to be near about 8 months pregnant.” I was shocked that he was concerned with my health and not my pocketbook. We spoke until 2 a.m. in the morning. We had hired him, with hours to spare before my bond hearing. Mr. Flores asked me about where I grew up, my education, and my job history, as well as if I had been in trouble with the law. He also asked about my family in detail. He told me and reassured me that anything that I told him was strictly confidential and that likewise I could tell him anything and feel comfortable. I gained much confidence after this conversation. Despite the late hour and an hour drive ahead of him, Mr. Flores arrived promptly in court at 8 a.m. in front of a federal judge. After a lengthy hearing, to my shock and disbelief, I was released. As I was released, I was remembering a prison doctor who had examined me at 8 months of my pregnancy and told me, “When you give birth, you’ll only be able to hold your child for a minute before they take that child away from you for many, many years.” That cruel physician crushed my heart, so when Mr. Flores got me out of jail, you can only imagine the positive thoughts that I had about Mr. Flores. I was home for the holidays, and I gave birth to my child outside of prison bars. I felt like a mother, a wife, a daughter, and a sister to my family. The years that the prosecutor threatened turned out to be probation and I have a life back beyond bars. I remember the one thing that Mr. Flores told me, “Never give up on hope.”