Mr. Flores is delighted to present his 18 hour course book for those that are interested in legal nurse consulting. The workbook that Mr. Flores has developed over the last year and a half includes an introduction to legal nurse consulting, and also the explanation of the basics of administrative, civil, and criminal cases, as well as federal law cases. Joe also defends healthcare law businesses and provides them with consults regarding maintaining compliance in healthcare business and defending an individual’s license. You may reach him anytime at 361-887-8670 or [email protected].

The course book that has been developed is not only for the experienced legal nurse consultant, but also for those that are just beginning in the legal health arena. Through Mr. Flores’ years of experience as a legal nurse consultant, then becoming an attorney, he has been able to transform both of these skills into a curriculum that will help monetize and assist legal nurse consultants. The course book discusses in detail how a legal nurse consultant runs a business, and also what attorneys need and desire when working with legal nurse consultants.

Furthermore, the book contains tips and vital information not only on what attorneys need in their practice, but also provides information on how to educate attorneys on how to increase the value of a case and vital information on how to increase the understanding of a case to a judge and to a jury in fundamental ways.

Mr. Flores has been fortunate enough to be a graduate of the Trial Lawyers College that was started by Gerry Spence. He has used these skills to improve the manner in which attorneys and legal nurse consultants can work together and explain the story of a person, whether they have been arrested, falsely accused of any license violations, or is facing state or federal charges – whether they are civil or criminal. We encourage you to contact us and we will provide you with a free first chapter in order to give you a broader overview of our exciting project.

We look forward to you contacting us and it has been our attempt to provide a product that is affordable, and also offers continuing education hours in order for the course to pay for itself in one manner and also to provide the legal nurse consultant with information that is valuable in the practice of legal nurse consulting.