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COBRA Law & You

As of January, 1998, there is no federal law that requires employers to provide health care insurance benefits to employees. However, one important federal law does impose certain obligations on many employers to continue to provide health care coverage in the event of a change of employment or job status. A newer law, known as … Continue reading

Proper Charting for Nurses and Other Health Care Professionals

In today’s highly litigious society a nurse must keep basic principles in mind in order to prevent litigation for both the institution he or she works at and for the nurse him/herself. The following are some tips to keep in mind when charting. These are not all inclusive but they do provide a general guideline … Continue reading

HIPAA: A Primer for Nurses

OBJECTIVES At the end of this presentation the nurse will: Define the term HIPAA and related terminology Describe the effect HIPAA will have on Organized Health Arrangements such as hospitals Describe the procedure to best handle confidential information List the circumstances in which health care providers may disclose information without the patient’s consent Describe the … Continue reading

What the Nurse Should Do to Prepare for a Deposition

OBJECTIVES At the end of this presentation the nurse will: Verbalize knowledge of the deposition process Describe the process needed in order to prepare for a deposition Describe the deposition process and the legal implications of this procedure Plan and implement a strategy on how to conduct oneself throughout a sworn deposition According to the … Continue reading

International Trade

The Flores Law Firm provides services throughout Texas and offers international clients legal services for those seeking to extend their business services and products to Texas. Read About One of the International Trade Law Articles Written by Mr. Flores: Future International Trade Issues: Is Brazil the Solution to World Energy Shortages Through Ethanol Trade?